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fr Artist, Cole Jonique

I'm proud share that I have been nominated as "Performer of the Year" for the 2014 SEA Award /Southern Ent. Awards. Talent is only a portion of what it takes for an artist to make it. The support of the people who believe in you is everything.

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1 of few rhymes ive put together for a colab im working on..with a fellow artist .producing the beats for it atm .....should go hard....

comming fro the grimey deathly streets watching my peoples be shot up n coverd in sheets..constant contusions and injuries acts of futile brutality murder, infedility .or do themselves in reacting to suicidal tendacy's cold as a motherfuckers in this life that people can sumtymes be........getting beat up at school in pre half the whole school evidently.....jus because i had a spe
d up mentality.....ridiculed coz i was smarter & on a higher branch on lifes tree...wasnt always mr popular like in highschool hope my only inspiration as i deal with the insanity sick of the shit.fighting since i as a conceived as a kid ..imersed in brutality.....str8 from p.o 6156 willagee where the savage mother fuckers criminal family as they became known to me.climbing that .lader to the top manical twisted up evil and insanity is what beacme of me .alll the tym fighting b.s &hyporycity with your school yard rules no men jus with boys no dignity ...or sence of morality constantly try-ing to fuck with me coz they know miserly love company dig down deep in myself in the darkness inside of me show these fuckers they cant even come close too touching me ..absord the evil n the pain n misery they tried to inflict upon me .multiply it by a few hundred billion & unleach it as a weapon of mas desruction the kind & like's of which you've never seen on your punk motherfuckers tryna hate on me bitch ass mofoes thinking they can pull one up on a g but they've never crossed a twisted mc as evil as me im so evil the devil even find it hard to keep tabs on my fleet standing holding my chrome in these cold streets spitting rhymes dealing n drugs n heat try keep up stick to the flow & the roll out to the beat and lets make these rolls of papper stack em fifty feet deep always keeping it locked cocked and ready to pop on these streets with my criminal master mind crew making sure that everyone eat that b repping & riding with me as i continue to ride on dirty pinned like a dime forever hustling on these streets .imfamous or not im'a go the golden state limit best believe and achieve everything that ive worked & strived for dillegently &patientley....focusing on my dreams using &perfecting my abilities ..the uncrowned king  re-claiming  my throne& my  facilities  as i smoke up n  blaze on constantly on  that stiky icky connousier killah bud ,                                                           

                                                                                                                                                 one of a kind ,forever and always  choofing on the  best green  & as the smoke  b lifting b  twisting up inside  my mind till im looking half blind my bud garranted to have the highest level of t.h.c of all tym ...eyes pinned like a dime as i rock  the mike  with my titanium spine one venue at a tym ...killing it every tym murdering it while im fly-in

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Comment by terrance.j.batey\conoussier x on June 7, 2014 at 4:32am

whoa this is old now..160+trax &stil aint scratched da surface #conoussier_x expect tio see me mainstream real soon just going thru all the red tape atm to go majour\mainstream so many choices and offers making real important life desiscions atm garrantee you wont forget the name conoussier x cuz in the verry near future you wont be able to exscape it .enuff said ...props to my big bad insane maniacal musical familia .go hard keep it 10o& stay productive ...expect great thingz real soon

Comment by terrance.j.batey\conoussier x on June 7, 2014 at 5:08am


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